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Burn Permits are issued at the Alexandria Fire Station located at 7951 Alexandria Pike.
There is no fee for obtaining a burn permit.

Burning shall only be granted in accordance with regulations set by the Kentucky Standards of Safety, Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR), and the Guidelines for compliance with Kentucky Division for Air Quality Regulations.

The Burn Permit Holder shall be responsible and liable for any damage caused or created by the fire and production of fire products and by-products that are emitted into the air. In addition the permit holder is responsible and liable for any reimbursements for any property loss or other damages from the fire or fire products or fire by-products.

There shall be no use of flammable or combustible accelerants used to start or enhance the fire.

A person shall be at the burn site until the fire is no longer burning.

Burning can only be authorized by the Fire Department.

  • Burn piles of acceptable materials shall be no larger than 10 feet long, by 10 feet wide, by 10 feet high.

  • There shall be, at least a fifteen (15′) foot clearance area around and on all sides of the burn pile.

  • There shall be, at least fifty (50′) feet clearing from any building or structure.

  • There shall be, at least one hundred fifty (150′) foot clearing from any woodlands or forested area.

  • There shall be a means of fire control, operational and ready for use in the immediate vicinity of the fire area, at all times while the fire is burning.

  • There shall be no asphalt shingles, insulation, wiring insulation, synthetic materials of any type such as carpeting, carpet pads, upholstery, plastics, lead, lead based paint materials, asbestos, emissions from pipe lagging, asbestos or fiber siding shingles, asbestos contaminated waste, or asbestos contained in asphalt roofing shingles.

If a complaint is filed, the permit holder is responsible for and shall put out the fire.

Failure to comply with these regulations could result in criminal or civil charges being brought against the permit holder.

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