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Serving Our Community Since 1937

About Us

The Alexandria Fire District is a special fire taxing district that encompasses a twenty-five square mile area, including the City of Alexandria and surrounding Campbell County area. The population served by the Fire District is approximately 17,000 citizens and continues to grow. The Fire District consists of a mix of commercial, residential, and educational facilities, including one of the largest middle schools in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The fire protection Insurance Services Office rating as of July 1, 2019, for the Fire District is a Class 2-2X. The Fire District has a career staff of eighteen (18) personnel and maintains a volunteer staff of (39) thirty nine dedicated individuals. This includes scholar students as part of a SAFER grant awarded in 2016. The Fire District responds 

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Contact Us

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7951 Alexandria Pike

Alexandria, KY 41001

Office: 859-635-5991

Fax: 859-635-0200

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